Merchant Partners On-Boarding

Getting closer to more sales.

  • SEO optimized blog article - We will need a 1500 words article that talks about your business as well as why you started selling what it is that you are selling, few images are also needed to be placed on the word doc.
  • Two 250 word emails - one of those emails is to present your business to our community when you are ready the other one goes into our automation sequence so new member will know about you.
  • 30 to 60 seconds video of the founder We know that video is now prioritized on any social platform so why not take advantage of it? We need you to talk about yourself and your business as well as your products and what problem they solve.

NOTE: We have partnered with a Fiverr copywriter, her name is Kate Lowe and knows exactly how we need the articles and email structured, All she needs is a link to the pages on your site that explains about you, your business and the products you sell, but most important if not available on the site, you need to provide her with your "Why", she will get the job done in 48hrs and for a very convenient price. To learn more click here.

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