Bringing trust back into the Game.

We are not here to compete with other charities or organizations, but to help the ones that are bringing solid results to the table.

What are we?

We are a decentralized online charity support fundraisers meaning we support charities and organizations that are delivering solid results, we harness the power of our self-sustained community and online marketing to raise funds, our most used model is affiliate marketing selling products of merchants in our little club.

If you believe that every little helps when it comes to helping others, then you should definitely join us, the more we are, the bigger that help becomes.


Why are we different?

We work in a very different way than other charities, as a matter of fact we are more of a club than a charity, our practices is what makes us different: Transparency, Communication & Inclusion play a very important part in our community.

We are the only charity out there that shares financial informations with its supporters.


In most cases all is needed is will power in order to get things done, but at the same time you also need a valid reason to get that will power ignited, that is exactly what happened with our 2 founders, an intense need of change has pushed these 2 guys to work out a system and build an online infrastructure taking advantage of all latest software technology available out there in order to cut expenses down to the bare minimum.

Meet them below!

Vincent Barnett

Co-Founder & CEO

Vincent is the most experienced in charity fundraising and funds management out of the 2 Co-funders,

he has worked for some of the most respectable organizations out there like Red Cross and National Trust to mention few, he believes people deserve a hot meal as well as shelter.

"My dream is to eradicate homelessness altogether, it gives me immense pain to only think there are people out there sleeping in the cold or that hasn't eat in days.

We can not turn our face the other side anymore".

Chris Gulli

Co-Founder & CMO

Chris is the person that designed the online infrastructure behind The Homeless Charity Club, being a marketing geek has allowed him to create a system that doesn't rely on donations, but instead relies on how active the community is.

"My primary goal is to help those charities that are bringing clean drinking water to under-developed countries, it's a nonsense that today 663 Million people don't have access to clean water, the core of every society.

We need to help them, we are all we've got".

Your involvement helps in so many ways.


Why you should join our community

Well... If like us, you are the type of person that likes to know how your contribution has been used and see the impact of what you have done, then you should definitely join. We believe in transparency & communications, with today's technology everything is possible.


Where are the fund raised going

Unlike other nonprofits and charities, we’re an 80/20 organization. That means 80% of your donation goes directly towards research efforts. The remaining 20% is allocated to administration and overhead including softwares, contractors, travel, and marketing.


How we use sourcery to raise funds

There are about 8 ways we raise funds from affiliate marketing to advertising on our site, donations are our last resource, but we still accept them for projects that requires immediate help, we had to become creative, so having a community it is vital for the success of the club as well as hitting the end goal.

Your Participation is more important now than ever.

Trust for charities has reached an all time low, which is having catastrophic consequences, but who do you think is paying the price of this? Exactly! We are here to make sure the charities and organizations that are true to their beliefs (and are bringing results), gets praised, rewarded and funded with your help.

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